Updating an Integration Configuration assigned to a Group

Using the PUT method with the Integrations endpoint of the Group collection will allow for updates to the Integration for the specified Group

PUT https://edgeapi.marchex.io/marketingedge/v5/api/groups/{groupId}/integrations/{integration_group_id}

The following sample request can be used to Update an Integration for a Group

  "integration_configuration_id": "5f0c5a61-f5c1-42f3-b72d-decf6e13570d"

If the request is handled successfully, the following response will be returned:

  "type": "GoogleAnalytics4",
  "integration_group_id": "02dbaccc-b091-4473-a265-39a714c7837a",
  "integration_configuration_id": "5f0c5a61-f5c1-42f3-b72d-decf6e13570d",
  "group_id": 1234,
  "created_datetime": "2023-04-06T13:35:07.808Z",
  "modified_datetime": "2023-04-06T13:35:07.808Z"