National Numbers

National numbers may be assigned using the details outlined in this documentation. These phone numbers are in ranges designated to be reachable from the entire country at the same price anywhere in the country as a local phone call. Unlike geographic phone numbers, which are tied to a particular city or region such as London or Paris, national phone numbers are not tied to a particular local area. Please note that not all countries support national numbers; additionally, these numbers may not be accessible outside of the country in which they are assigned.

To order a National number, submit a request similar to the following:


    "name": "ABC Company",
    "phone_number_request": {
      "number_type": "international",
      "match_type": "national",
          "salutation": "Mr",
          "first_name": "Tom",
          "last_name": "Jones",
          "registration_name": "abc company",
          "building_number": "123",
          "street": "Main Street",
          "city": "London",
          "region": "Sussex",          
          "postal_code": "123456",
          "iso_country": "GB"
    "call_routes": {
      "route_type": "Basic",
      "route": {
        "termination_number": "+4402078395555"

A successful request will return a response similar to the following:

    "id": 9061730,
    "name": "ABC Company",
    "group_id": 12002280,
    "status": "Active",
    "phone_number": "+443308089352",
    "created_datetime": "2018-11-28T00:00:00Z",
    "modified_datetime": "2018-11-28T00:00:00Z",
    "call_routes": {
        "route_type": "Basic",
        "route": {
            "id": 31124031,
            "termination_number": "+4402078395555"

Field Definitions

nameA unique name that identifies the numberYes
phone_number_request -> number_typeFor international number ordering, this field must be set to: internationalYes
phone_number_request -> match_typeFor National numbers, this value must be set to: nationalYes
phone_number_request -> iso_countryProvide the two letter ISO country abbreviation where the number should be provisioned from. For details refer to our list of Supported CountriesYes
phone_number_request -> owner_address_detailsThe owner_address_details portion of the request defines a physical address and name for the purposes of number registration. Many countries require these details to be provided when creating a tracking number.Yes
phone_number_request -> owner_address_details -> salutationSalutation of the person the number will be registered to (Mr/Mrs/Ms/etc)Yes
phone_number_request -> owner_address_details -> first_nameFirst name of the person the number will be registeredYes
phone_number_request -> owner_address_details -> last_nameLast name of the person the number will be registeredYes
phone_number_request -> owner_address_details -> registration_nameBusiness entity that the number will be registered toYes
phone_number_request -> owner_address_details -> building_numberMailing address building numberYes
phone_number_request -> owner_address_details -> streetMailing address street nameYes
phone_number_request -> owner_address_details -> cityMailing address cityYes
phone_number_request -> owner_address_details -> regionMailing address regionYes
phone_number_request -> owner_address_details -> postal_codeMailing address postal codeYes
phone_number_request -> owner_address_details -> iso_countryMailing address country. Please note that the owner address details must correspond to the value specified in: phone_number_request -> iso_countryYes
call_routes -> route_typeAt this time, only "Basic" routing is supported for international orderingYes
call_routes -> route -> termination_numberThe phone number where all calls will be forwarded to. Please note that the termination_number must be located within the country specified in: phone_number_request -> iso_countryYes