Call Features

Using Call Features, you can extend the capabilities of your Number Pool by configuring:

  • Call Recording - allows you to manually evaluate if a call can be qualified as a lead, determine which sources deliver the best quality callers or to evaluate service levels and train your sales team.
  • Transcription Services - create a text transcription of your call
    • Keyword Spotting - flag keyword that are mentioned during the call
    • Call Scoring - call algorithms analyze conversations to detect purchase intent and flag calls accordingly
    • Custom Vocabulary - train the transcription algorithm to learn custom terms for a particular business
  • Whisper - play a message to the advertiser receiving the call to gain attribution for generating a lead
  • Call Verify - play the caller a confirmation message to verify that the call should be connected to the advertiser
  • Stop Call - temporarily block calls to an advertiser, while continuing to retain the Tracking Number