Google Analytics 4

The Marketing Edge integration for Google Analytics 4 is a powerful tool for utilizing attribution and analytics data.

  • Enables GA4 users to see Call Events in their reporting platform of choice (GA4, Looker Studio, BigQuery)
  • Report offline call events driven by online activity missed by using only the traditional "click_to_call" mobile web-only event
  • Upload multiple Events per call. Using Min Duration, Call Tag Filters, and Conversation Scoring criteria, ME can upload Events with different Event Names. This results in an easier to set up Reporting View of Calls vs. Quality Calls and a greater ability to distinguish Events from Conversion Events in GA4.
  • Customize your schema. This is useful for industry-wide or company specific schemas.
  • GA4 users will be able to gain visibility into the number of calls driven by their traffic details (e.g. source, medium, campaign, content, term), the handling of those calls, and the outcome of those calls based on conversational analysis