International Tracking Numbers

International Tracking Numbers may be provisioned via the Marketing Edge API. Prior to provisioning tracking numbers, ensure that the organization you are placing orders for has been configured to support international numbers. For a complete list of countries, refer to our list of Supported Countries.

The following types of international numbers may be provisioned:

Toll Free Numbers - calls made to these numbers will not incur toll charges.

Geographic (Local) Numbers - these numbers are typically local to a specific geographic area (city). Callers who are within the local calling area will not be billed long distance toll charges.

National Numbers - These are phone numbers in ranges designated to be reachable from the entire country at the same price anywhere in the country as a local phone call. Unlike geographic phone numbers, which are tied to a particular city or region such as London or Paris, national phone numbers are not tied to a particular local area. Please note that not all countries support national numbers.

Be aware that not all call features are supported internationally. For details on which features are supported, please refer to the section of the documentation related to International Feature Support.

Please note that line charges and usage will vary from country to country. For additional details please contact your account manager.