Finding Toll-Free Numbers

To find a toll-free number, submit a request to the AvailableNumber resource setting the type value to 'tollfree':

curl -H "x-organization-token: {authorization_token}" \
      -H "subscription-key: {subscription_key}" \
      -X GET \

The resulting response will return an array of toll-free numbers:

        "sms_capable": true,
        "number": "8006370335",
        "area_code": "800",
        "exchange": "637",
        "suffix": "0335",
        "sms_capable": true,
        "number": "8006388305",
        "area_code": "800",
        "exchange": "638",
        "suffix": "8305",

For details on how to provision a number returned by this request, refer the Creating a Number portion of this documentation.

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