DNI Referrers

When configuring DNI Number Replacement Rules for your Number/Number Pool, you will need to specify a referrer.

1. Retrieve a list of Referrers

To retrieve a full list of referrers, use the following end-point:

GET https://edgeapi.marchex.io/marketingedge/v5/api/referrers

The request will return a result similar the following:

        "Id": 13,
        "name": "Any",
        "domain": "*"
        "Id": 1,
        "name": "Google",
        "domain": "%google.%"
        "Id": 2,
        "name": "Bing",
        "domain": "%bing.%"
        "Id": 3,
        "name": "Yahoo",
        "domain": "%yahoo.%"
        "Id": 14,
        "name": "Twitter",
        "domain": "%twitter.com%"
        "Id": 16,
        "name": "LinkedIn",
        "domain": "%linkedin.com%"
        "Id": 17,
        "name": "Facebook",
        "domain": "%facebook.com%"

Field Descriptions

IdUnique Identifier for the referrer
nameDescriptive name of the referrer
domainIf the HTTP referrer of the visitor to your website matches this value (wildcards are acceptable), and this Referrer as specified in your Number Replacement Rules, DNI will occur