User Roles and Access

User Roles

Each User is assigned one or more Roles to ensure proper access to Marketing Edge features.

administratorThe user will have full administrator privileges for the organization.
org_group_adminSame Privileges as the Administrator user but limited to the Org Level domain assigned to the user
orderingThe user can create and configure campaigns and order call tracking numbers.
reportingThe user can view analytic data and create reports. Read Only.
browse_inventoryThe user can browse available number inventories but cannot order numbers.
view_stop_call_dataUsers can view all call data for campaigns and tracking numbers that have been put on hold using the Stop Call feature.
call_record_listenThe user can listen to call recordings.
rescueThe user will only have access to Sales Rescue calls and data. Users with this role can modify the rescue outcome. This role is intended for users who will attempt to rescue lost leads.

User Access

The Call Detail Level assigned to a user determines which attributes of the call and caller are visible to the user when generating reports.

Call Detail LevelDescription
fullAccess to all Call and Caller information
no_callerAccess to Call information only, all caller PII will not be viewable except for caller number
no_callAccess to all Call information will be removed, user will only be able to view Campaign info

Users can be granted access to multiple domains (org groups) or advertisers. When a user is assigned access to both Org Groups and Advertisers, the user will have full access to both entities. You cannot restrict access to advertiser records within a specific org group.