Number Pools

Number Pools are used in conjunction with Dynamic Number Insertion to link a phone call to an online click event, which can be in turn associated with a keyword/campaign that drove the click.

With Number Pools, a unique number dynamically replaces a number on a webpage based on a set of predefined Number Replacement Rules. This number replacement is made possible by the execution of the Marchex JavaScript snippet, for more detail on how to obtain and deploy this snippet, please refer to the DNI installation portion of this documentation.

When creating a number pool, there are 4 considerations that need to made:

  • Local or TollFree - Populate your number pool with numbers that are local to another phone number or local to geographical area. For more details on how to provision a number pool, please refer to the Creating a Number Pool portion of this documentation.
  • Rules - Criteria used in deciding whether to replace a number. Choose the sources (Google/Bing/etc) and/or URL parameters that need to be present before performing number replacement (GCLID, DCID,etc) . For more details on how to configure your rules, please refer to the Number Replacement Rules portion of this documentation.
  • Pool Size - Determines how many numbers are in the pool. Choosing the right quantity of numbers for your pool is critical in achieving the highest attribution rates. For more details on how to how to optimize your DNI configuration, please refer to our DNI Best Practices Guide
  • Match Period - Determines how long to wait for a phone call to occur after displaying a phone number to a website visitor. Calls made outside of the match period will still be successfully routed, however they will not be attributed to the click that drove them to the website.

In addition to tracking phone calls, the following features may be added to your Number Pools: